As my research has developed I have been invited to design and implement these novel vegetation types at a variety of sites across the UK, at scales from the Garden to very large public projects running to many hectares.   My approach to practice is to try to create bespoke vegetation types that are as unique as possible, responding to the site environment and the needs of users. My approach to this work is heavily based on being able to maintain a strongly hands on, longer term relationships with the clients/managers, to input advice on a yearly basis as the vegetation develops. The following are some of the projects that have been commissioned since 2000.

Big Sky Meadows:  RHS Hyde Hall (2012-)

Prairie and Meadow garden; Wudston House. (2012-)

Hitchmough private garden; Walkley, Sheffield (2012-)

Drakensberg Grassland;  RHS Wisley (2013-)

Dry Horticultural Meadow; University of Cambridge Botanic Garden (2013-)

Climate Change meadow:  Merton Borders, University of Oxford Botanic Gardens (2012-)

Prairie/woodland understory/dry meadow/rain gardens:  Burgess Park, Southwark (in conjunction with LDA Design (2012-)

North American Prairie; Tom Stuart Smith Home Garden, (2011)

Dry Prairie and Native Wildflower Meadow, Fidelity International, Tonbridge  (2009-)

Native Wildflower Meadows and the South African and North American Olympic Gardens. London Olympic Park, with Nigel Dunnett, Sarah Price,  LDA Design/Hargreaves Associates. (2008-2013)

Dry Prairie/Steppe, RHS Wisley, (2008-)

Prairie Garden, Sheffield Botanic Gardens (2004)

Prairie Garden, Eden Project, St Austell. (2000)