This project commenced in 2009 and was undertaken in collaboration with Landscape Architect Tom Stuart-Smith, setting a new office complex in large areas of naturalistic planting, that gradually gives way to the Kent countryside. My part of the project was to establish a predominantly North American prairie-steppe, and a native wildflower meadow by sowing. Please note that this site is not accessible to the public.

August 2010
The sown vegetation close to the building is based on a dry prairie-steppe, with the soil containing very large amounts of crushed concrete derived from previous buildings on the site.  The aim was to use nutrient and moisture stress to generate a relatively short vegetation, ultimately with taller emergents.  August 2010, 8 months after sowing.

July 2011
July 2011, showing the developing drought tolerant vegetation

The vegetation from the building in July 2012, showing the increasing  complexity of the structure

Where the soil contains less crushed concrete the vegetation is taller and more prairie-like.

The use of native meadow to structure the landscape.

Visitors to the site  pass through a high quality species and flower rich native wildflower meadow, July 2013.

A prairie community of Echinacea pallida and tall Silphium species.

The Prairie -steppe touches the ha-ha with the countryside beyond.